Summertime weekends. My favourite time of the year. Especially when it means getting away.

We are very lucky to have lovely neighbours who are happy to dog sit meaning we can pop out for day trips to the beach (for those that aren't local, we are only about 45 minutes from the beautiful Mersea Island). Last year was full of happy memories of pottering around on the beach, and we have already started our trips for this year...


But what I really love is not having to come home again!

Last year we camped in a tent quite a bit. But this year we decided to go a bit crazy and buy a folding camper. It's basically a caravan with a soft canvas top that all folds down into a trailer. This was mainly prompted by the fact camping in a tent kills me, and despite loving camping, I was fairly miserable with pain for most of it...

This weekend we took a trip to Shropshire for a family wedding and took the trailer (dogs as well!) to test it all out in Mr Sconch's grandparent's front garden. It was awesome. If you follow me on social media, you'll have probably seen this photo of me knitting in my little bed pod...


Aside from my the sleep deprivation (Friday was a little crazy and rather than leaving at 1, we left at 7pm. Which with a 3 year old, 3 dogs and a trailer, you can imagine took several hours...) and my crazy nightmares on Saturday night about killer badgers with long claws trying to get in under the awning, it was just wonderful.

The Sconchlet pottered around playing shopkeeper and cafe owner (you'll be unsurprised to hear this is her favourite game with how she spends most of her week), Mr Sconch read and I knitted. Bliss.

Don't get me wrong, there were definite moments of 'reality' (I don't want you to suddenly start thinking I've turned into one of those bloggers whose life is full of flowery fields and idyllic family moments...)

So I thought you might benefit from some things I've learned this weekend:

* Nails are a terrible idea when camping. Cut them. Forget nail varnish too. It doesn't stand a chance.
* When your finger gets trapped in a pole clip, yell for help. Don't give up trying to pull said clip off with left hand and rip finger out in a moment of bravery
* Don't fall back to sleep asleep again when your 3 year old calls and wakes you in the night to tell you she needs a wee
* When you've sent your overtired husband to deal with said 3 year old, make sure you check he is awake enough to know what he is doing so you avoid finding him instead sleepwalking the 3 dogs round the vicinity
* When letting your 3 year old climb into your bunk (and husband is left to sleep in now stripped and slightly damp other bed) remember that that will include being accompanied by 13 teddies who must have space to rest their heads on your pillow.

We are yet to name our little folding camper, but no doubt it will soon be sporting a cute moniker and will be adorned with handmade bunting, Crochet cushions, blankets and generally personalised into our own little spot of heaven.


Summer memory making, here we come...

Sam x