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Sophie's Universe Blanket CAL by Dedri Uys

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Cygnet Seriously Chunky Mixes

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Granny Squares book by Susan Pinner

Glimpses of Giddiness

29/07/2013 17:49


It has a been a busy, busy few weeks, and this week is looking to be slightly manic to say the least. As you will know, the grand opening of the shop is this Thursday.

There has been much putting together of units, some wallpapering, some emergency plastering and much panicking. But the shop is finally coming together. There is still an awful lot to be done before Thursday's big opening, but as so many of you have been nagging me, I thought I would give you a few sneak peeks - a few glimpses of the giddy excitements over at Sconch HQ!

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...and Up to the Sky!

13/07/2013 12:33

A bit of a theme to my recent blog posts - lots of 'going up' and moving on and reaching for new goals...

...and once again Sconch is on the move - both physically and metaphorically!

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...and Up and Up...

31/05/2013 12:24

Those of you that read my last blog post, 'Moving on Up' will have read all about how I had moved into new premises and how excited I was...

Well this month I have moved again!

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Moving on up...

29/04/2013 12:10

There have been exciting happenings here at Sconch HQ. Very exciting happenings indeed.I put a couple of teasers up in the Facebook page to get you all guessing...

First there was this...

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Here we go (again!)...

11/04/2013 06:55


Well, 2013 so far has been a rollercoaster of emotions...

The biggest event by far being...

Little Sconchlet, born on 9th January, 2013 weighing in at 8lb 9oz.

How amazing is that? I am a MAMMY! Can't quite believe it really. She's amazing, and so much fun, despite the fact she NEVER sleeps...

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I am a mummy and wife and obsessed with making things, learning new skills and teaching others. I run Sconch, an online yarn shop, as well as having a bricks and mortar shop in Braintree, North Essex. This blog is my place to rant and get free therapy as well as share my favourite things.

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Current favourite yarns...

Caron Simply Soft

Adriafil Knitcol DK

Cygnet Seriously Chunky Mixes

Current favourite books...

Woolly Woofers book by Debbie Bliss

Granny Squares book by Susan Pinner

Animal Hats book by Vanessa Mooncie

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