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Sophie's Universe Blanket CAL by Dedri Uys

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Adriafil Knitcol DK

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Animal Hats book by Vanessa Mooncie

Close Your Eyes and Jump...

19/12/2016 13:45

I saw this on Facebook a few weeks ago and I saved it to my phone, because right now it resonates particularly well with my life...

Just jump...

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Girls on Tour...

26/10/2016 13:00

A few weeks ago, Natalie from And Sew On (the rather lovely fabric shop two doors up from us on the Blake House Craft Centre) took a roadtrip to Ally Pally. This wasn't the most sensible move for us, as apparently putting two not-very-good-at-adulting people in a car together and then letting them loose at a knitting and stitching show, was crazy. We won't talk about how much money we spent, because that is frankly shocking (let's just say the 11 bags over spilling with yarn was getting some stares...) and as some clever person in the world of the internet once said...


Stash size...

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Settling in...

12/10/2016 10:25



Blog posts. One of those things that can so easily come to a grinding halt. Either from writers' block, or because you are simply too busy.

For the past two months, it has been a real mix of both. Crazy busy with moving in, settling in, awards ceremonies (more on that to come), opening parties (again, later...), new term for the Sconchlet with new days at nursery, a new job for Mr Sconch, me signing up to be in more shows (no really, I thought 2 at once would be a great idea...). But also, just an amazing amount of emotion; emotion that has been so overwhelming I have been struggling to get anything down into words that are coherent.

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Pre-Moving Nerves...

13/08/2016 10:49

I'm currently sitting in the queue for the Sea Train (as the Sconchlet likes to call it). We've had a little break at Mr Sconch's family cottage with my parents. Terrible timing really, what with us moving in 2 weeks, but we all needed the break to try and rejuvenate ourselves before what will be a crazy month.  

It didn't work, the resting bit I mean. I'm exhausted. I've had a lovely time, really lovely, and we did a lot of really fun things. It was also great for the Sconchlet, she's had the best week ever. But I'm tired. Obviously I worked a bit as usual, but I'm mainly tired from the 2 days at Disney. Not that I'm complaining. We were hugely lucky to get taken to Mickey's playground, but I'm not so good with big days. We hired the wheelchair, as I'd never last a day, let alone 2, with all that walking. Which the Sconchlet loved, as by the end of the first day she used me as a personal napping spot:


Wheelchair Chauffer...

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Most of you who are local will know of Darren who works in the unit behind us. Well, you may not know that his lovely mummy also works there. Even more less known is her amazing miniature knitting skills!

Jackie is an antiques dealer by trade, and collects the most adorable little dolls. When she said she would bring them in to show me, I was excited (because what girly girl doesn't get excited about dolls?) but I may have squealed just a little bit when I saw them. Because LOOK AT THE OUTFITS!

Dollies in a row...

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Finding My Zen...

04/07/2016 10:37



I had a massage last week. It is my second in a few weeks. I have vouchers left over from birthdays and Christmas, and I've been on a bit of a mission to get them used before they expire.

On both occasions, the therapists were lovely. The rooms were lovely. The oils were scented. But I think I did it wrong.

Is that possible?!

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Adriafil Knitcol DK

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