...does you good.

Or so they say.

Well, sometimes I agree. Sometimes you have to do things which other people think are crazy. Jump right in with both hands. Seize the day and all that jazz.

Which is why this weekend we did something here at Sconch HQ that some people will consider crazy.

We moved.

That's right, - we moved! Again!

It's not that crazy though. We had wanted a bigger unit from the start, but none were available. And then one came up. Out of the blue, a week after our grand opening. It was what we really needed. A storeroom upstairs (rather than a separate unit). An office space that had a kitchen unit, plus enough space to have a safe area for the Sconchlet to play in. A small room for photography and for the Sconchlet's cot. And a bigger shop space.

And all for a better price.

So we jumped in. Head first. In a way it was heartbreaking. All that effort that had gone in to the shop. Luckily most of it wasn't permanent - much of the prettiness came from the furniture we had put in there, and that could all be taken out. But boy was it a big job moving out of both units. And all of it had to be done in 4 days to be able to be open again for Tuesday!

Luckily help was once again on hand. People from the surrounding businesses helped (with special thanks to Jack, Danny and Darren) and Mr Sconch's brother came along, plus my parents. All hands on deck to get things shifted around, things cleaned, walls made pretty...

But look at it!

Lots of pretty yarn...

Pretty display cabinets...

More pretty yarn - and can you see the amazing pink staircase?!

Pretty bunting made by one of my lovely customers, Cheryl :)

Ok, so it's not quite finished. We think we are going to put a carpet down in the main shop, and the office out the back is a complete mess. But I'm really glad we moved. So if you come along to our little shop, please excuse the slight air of chaos that still reigns, and try not to stare too much at the horrific bags under my eyes...!

Sam x