Those of you that read my last blog post, 'Moving on Up' will have read all about how I had moved into new premises and how excited I was...

Well this month I have moved again!

It's been a crazy month, with sales on the up and new stock arriving. This meant that rather quicker than we had anticipated, the loft space became a little cramped. Add this together with the fact that the Sconchlet is doing things much earlier than expected, and is trying to crawl already, Mr Sconch and I made the decision to move to a bigger premises. One where the Sconchlet could have more freedom to move around, and one where we could continue to expand. It was a hard decision, because the loft was lovely for every other reason, and I am really going to miss the people (And the food from the cafe below!). Although my waistline might be a bit happier ;)

So after not very much research at all, an excellent opportunity arose - a unit became available on the Enterprise Centre in Braintree. It is a small unit, but there is room to expand upwards into the loft space.

So last weekend, we moved!

Lots of yummy wool being stacked up!

More space for the Zpagetti!

Mr Sconch wasn't very pleased that I was taking photos instead of helping unpacking!

All of this is made even more exciting by the fact that soon - once we are all settled and have moved upwards to give us more space - the public can come and see us!

I am so excited by all of this, I keep doing little happy dances on the spot!

But all of this will be a little way off I must compose myself...



...*runs off and does a jig*

Sam x