A bit of a theme to my recent blog posts - lots of 'going up' and moving on and reaching for new goals...

...and once again Sconch is on the move - both physically and metaphorically!

Since moving in to my new unit at the beginning of June, there has been so much happening - sales have thankfully been on the up, which was a relief, as it is always good to be able to pay your rent. So at the beginning of July, when another adjoining unit became available at the Enterprise Centre, we decided to take it and move in. The unit had already become a little, shall we say cramped (although what better way to feel cramped than surrounded by squishy wool, I hear you ask?). We moved the majority of the stock into the second unit and decided to jump head first into the GRAND PLAN.

Secretly, it has always been my ambition to run a craft-and-wool-shop-with-a-tea-room-and-bed-and-breakfast-for-craft-class-attendees-with-a-greyhound-kennels-at-the-back-all-sitting-on-our-lovely-small-holding. (We can all dream, right?!) Now whilst this dream is a long way off still (and in fact, when I think about it logically, pretty impossible unless I clone myself a few times), Mr Sconch and I realised this was the perfect opportunity to at least realise a portion of this dream...

After a rather loooooooong trip to Ikea a few weeks ago - which if you follow the Facebook page you might have seen, as the mammoth number of things we bought caused much hilarity as I documented the struggle we had to get it in the car at 10:30 at night... - we started to make the first unit a bit more pretty and bit less 'wall-to-wall-with-racking'

3 trolley loads apparently do not fit in a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso

After much faffing and indecision, we have decided to set a date... yes that is right - a date for our grand opening of our YARN SHOP! A real life spangly yarn shop. I am so excited. I keep doing little dances around the room (much to Sconchlet's amusement. She clearly has already sussed that mummy is a loon.) We won't be open every day (not to start with at least), maybe a few hours a day - I will finalise all this within the next week and then let you all know. Of course if you are desperate for some yarn and want to come along outside of the opening times, I may well be there, packing orders and sitting squishing yarn, but I will only guarantee to be there for the opening times :)

So I would like to cordially invite you to the grand opening. If you are local to Braintree in Essex (and by local I mean within a 3 hour drive, because clearly it is going to be the hottest ticket this year) then please come along.

I am going to set up a little event thing on the Facebook page, but thought I would give you the details on here as well, just in case you are not a Facebook fan (if not, then why the devil not?!). There will be cake and nibbles and drinks... and of course lots of lovely yarn. And no doubt a few special offers running on the day...



Be there or be square... (and without yarn)

Sam x