I had a massage last week. It is my second in a few weeks. I have vouchers left over from birthdays and Christmas, and I've been on a bit of a mission to get them used before they expire.

On both occasions, the therapists were lovely. The rooms were lovely. The oils were scented. But I think I did it wrong.

Is that possible?!

I think I over think these things (as with most things in my life). I spent the whole time *trying* to switch off. But my brain kept running through plans for the shop, and things I forgot to do before I left the shop at 11pm the previous night having given up from exhaustion, and things I have to do for the Sconchlet, and what housework needs doing when I get back...

And the minute I do stop thinking about work I get the urge to giggle. Because that lovely soothing music has gone a bit odd and actually reminds me of a a band of gnome like creatures charging over a hill ready to kill the next army.

Or I start thinking about how my bra is digging into my chest in an unpleasant way, the cotton pad has slipped slightly off my left eye and is bothering me as it's no longer symmetrical, how my right middle toe is a bit itchy...

Or I start thinking about how actually, I really hate body massages as they hurt like hell (yes, even the gentle ones, I'm a bit broken remember), and this is starting to border on some kind of torture regime, and that surely the hour and a half must be nearing the end soon...

And then it is over all too soon and I realise I do feel bizarrely refreshed. Despite the crazy in my head. My eyes are more open, I feel tingly, I am awake.

And I make my way back home in a state of bliss.

And then I look at myself in the mirror and realise my hair is now a grease ball and I have to wash all the lovely oils out that I've been advised to leave in as I'm going straight back out and I don't want people to think I've avoided showering for a month. And the Sconchlet is screaming in an overexcited frenzy and is pulling on my legs. And then I have to rush round and frantically get ready. And the calm and serene feeling of peace has left. Just like that.


Best get myself booked back in to hunt for the zen again then.

Am I alone in this?!


Sam x


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