Fitting it all in. How do people do it? You know, these super mums who run around with their crazy busy lives, and yet look GLAM. Eugh. I am not one of those. I fit a lot in, don't get me wrong. But glam? I get asked on a daily basis if I am hungover. And I don't think that is because of my well-known love of gin. Yummy-mummy I am not.

But I do love being busy. Things are even more busy than they used to be. With the Sconchlet at nursery now, my whole life feels like it is driving back and forth to drop her off and pick her up - and she only goes 2 days a week!

And then there are rehearsals. I'm in the local panto, and not just happy with being in it (principle girl), I volunteered to be the choreographer. Oh and be on the committee. Because I don't have a busy job to do, do I?

And then there is Mr Sconch and his teacher training. And the tech rehearsals for the theatre club which I roped him into. And the governor meetings.

So I don't think it will come as much of a surprise that housework and cooking aren't *that* high on the list of priorities whilst we try and settle into a routine. I'm not fitting any decent crochet time in, so I am CERTAINLY not going to put housework above that now, am I?

To ease the straing (BEFORE we took on all the crazy extra things...) earlier this year, we started getting Hello Fresh boxes. They are amazing. Basically, a company comes up with recipes for your dinner for a week, puts all of the ingredients into a box, in just the right quantities, and then posts it to you. Genius. I was pretty happy with them, but then I was tempted over to Gousto, a similar (but slightly cheaper) company in September, and I just love them.

Not that I do the cooking. Mr Sconch has taken over, which is partly because I am never at home at the right time, but also because he has suddenly decided he loves cooking. He doesn't like having to plan a meal, but the actual cooking he loves. So this is perfect.

But tonight he is out. And to be honest, I've not cooked properly for so long (aside from the odd pasta and roast dinner), I just couldn't bring myself to do all the veg prepping. But I had this in the cupboard!

Pad Thai kit...


They were about £2, and we got them ages ago as a back up option. It was so easy to do!

And luckily I had some yummy oil to use in it, that we had got free with one of our Hello Fresh boxes...



 Look! A proper meal! In about 15 minutes!

A proper meal...


And actually enough for both myself and Mr Sconch and the Sconchlet. Which for those of you who see the three of us eat, will know this is quite impressive... I used chopped chicken breast instead of prawns, but it was fine.

I've got a Thai Green curry kit in the cupboard too...


There is a chance I may trying to fit a little *too* much in at once. My brain isn't quite keeping up with myself. Or maybe it is my body that is not keeping up with my brain. Either way, I'm losing the plot. I'd cooked enough chicken to take some aside for tomorrow night's dinner. I was thinking a quick pasta, nice and easy as tomorrow is a bit crazy with the theatre group's Children in Need night. Except somewhere in between mentally calculating margins on a new product, and blocking out an intro to the opening number of the panto, I poured the egg onto all of the chicken before separating it out. Ooops.


So after proof reading Mr Sconch's latest essay, unpacking a box or two (we've been redecorating) and putting a load of washing on, I'm going to sit and do nothing for what is left of the night. Maybe with a glass of gin. In my special gin glass. (Ok, so maybe I've already poured it.)



And hope I don't look hungover tomorrow too.


Sam x