Well, it has been a while, hasn't it?  I am a bit rubbish at this blog malarky.  What with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, newsletters, as well as actually TALKING to people (I know, do people actually do that still?), the blog has taken a bit of a back seat again...

...but this past few weeks I have been doing some thinking.  Thinking about what this blog is for.  Those of you that have been following Sconch since the start will know that this started life as a diary of sorts, a way to keep a track of my journey into the world of handmade.  This included lots of personal blog posts about my feelings and my life (including some quite controversial ones!). 

But as Sconch has grown and evolved into a yarn shop, this blog has become more of a way of telling you about the latest products coming up, sales I am having etc.  And I have realised that that is not what I want.

As Sconch grows, I don't want to lose its identity.  I get told all of the time that people shop with me because of the customer service, because of the attention we give to customers.  Because of our personality.  Only the other day I was told by someone who has come to know me and the business quite well (and who I have come to see as a brilliant friend and mentor) that people come into the retail shop not because of the yarns I stock, but because I am crazy.  (I am sure there is a compliment in there somewhere!)  And I think my Craft'n'Cake ladies would agree...

So I have decided that although Sconch is growing (and that it is - more on that later), this blog will go back to what I started it for, and isn't going to become just another corporate blog to get you all to buy things...  It is going to go back to my personal journey.  Product launches etc can be shared with you all in the newsletter.  Unless there is a really personal level to it of course - like a fab new independent I am stocking - but again, that is more about the person rather than the product for me, so I think that will be allowed, right?

Part of what I want to share with you is going back to my journey in crafts.  Last week I learnt to knit.  (Yes, I know.  A yarn shop owner who can't knit... but just think of all those yarn shop owners who can't crochet?!).  I have decided to start making the squares in my 'Art of Knitting' magazine collection which I bought a few years ago and have just sat there on the shelf mocking me for the amount of money I spent... and I think that might be something I could share with you guys?  So you can laugh at my progress.  And also share with me your journey in crafts?  Crafts should be about fun, and should be about learning all the way along.  I don't think you can ever know everything there is to know about a craft, and nobody should ever feel too embarrassed to show off their crafts to others because they feel it is not good enough. 

It's getting easier, but is slow going!

So, just before I sign off, I want to introduce to you the newest member of the Sconch team... 

Jo - the newest member of our team!

Jo will be working at the shop part time, and is already very much part of the family here.  Jo has also started to learn to knit at the same time as me, so you'll no doubt see some of her work too :) Jo's main job is to help keep the last remaining bits of my sanity intact, whether that be with glasses of wine (after closing hours, obviously, unless it's a really bad day...) or with restocking shelves...  We are really excited to have her on board.

Sconch Textiles is a yarn shop based around my family.  I am known to lots as Sconchy Mama, Sconch, Wooley Woman, Mrs Sconch... hubby is Mr Sconch to you all, and of course where would we be without the perfect little Sconchlet?!  So it's time to get this blog back to its roots :)

Sam x