Life. It gets in the way sometimes, doesn't it?

You'd be forgiven for thinking I'd run away over the past month. I haven't posted much on Social Media in general, and I haven't blogged at all. But between drowning under work, being poorly, a teeny sneaky holiday, and a lack of staff due to holidays, I keep getting to the end of the day having not made a dent in my to do list.

Or rather I get to the morning on my drive in to the shop and my brain is bombarded with all of the things I was supposed to do the day before. And then I get in to the shop and promptly forget them all.

I'm beginning to feel a little bit like this headless Happypotamus...


Headless Happypotamus


I have lists, don't get me wrong. I have sooo many lists. I think most people that step foot in to the office at the shop would think that I am hugely disorganised. There is rarely space on the desks. But I know where everything is, and I have lists. There are just not enough hours in the day is the problem, and, as any parent will know, entertaining a 2 year old at the same time means I sometimes drop one (or most) of the balls I am juggling.

However, despite this, I have been quietly crocheting for an hour each evening. Mr Sconch and I love box sets, and we have been catching up on some TV in the evenings, to try and switch off a bit. Life is a bit crazy for us both at the moment (more on that another time!), and so that hour is our time to just sit.

Except I can't just sit. I have to crochet at the same time. Because I am an addict. You know that feeling, not being able to keep your hands still whilst watching something. I think my addiction is reaching new levels, as this morning at the gym I was serously wondering if it would be wierd to have crochet in my hands whilst on the bike...

Anyway, I thought you might like to see what I have been working on...

First up is my Heidi Bears Happypotamus you can see above. We have a Facebook group (Craft'n'Cake with Sconch if you would like to join!) where we have challenges. Mini challenges (across 2 months) and year long challenges (funnily enough, that last a year...). We have these for both crochet and knit, and they are great. I do them to encourage people to try things they normally wouldn't. And it works! They have helped improve skills and get people out of their comfort zone.

Anyway, our first mini challenge (for May-June) was any creature from the Heidi Bears range. Obviously I try and join in with these challenges (although I can't enter or win the prizes!), because then I can offer advice and help people. However, it turns out I am just a bit short of time. Poor Mr Happy is still headless.

And then there is the year long blanket challenge. I am not joining in with the knit challenge, because at the time I launched that one I had come to the realisation I would be crazy to add another project. We are currently on week 8. This is week 1, with about 5 rounds to go:

 Week 1


And my stripey blanket. You can read about this blanket here, where I wrote about choosing the colours. I am actually really loving making this, and I find myself picking it up to give me some 'me' time. Although trying to keep the striping size as random is proving more difficult than I thought - I don't really do 'random' so well.




Plus the granny squares for the Hello Happy Mail Swap I am involved with... and the other 6 or so projects I have on the go. Hmmm. that's normal though, right?

So if you notice I have been quiet for a while, drop me a message to check I haven't got stuck under a pile of crochet, or fallen over in the stock room and suffocated under the latest delivery, or you know, that I am not rocking uncontrollably in the corner of the shop. It's nice to know you notice :)

Sam x