I've not been around as much on social media the last two weeks or so as things have been a little crazy. I've been on Instagram a bit, but less so on FB (I feel bad about spamming your FB feeds with photos of my dinner, constant photos of what I'm making etc...not sure why. Maybe that's why you actually all follow me though...)

The weekend before last was jam packed. Sunday saw Mr Sconch and I involved with a drama festival with our local drama group followed by our choir's debut performance at the towns birthday celebrations for the Queen.

The morning went surprisingly well (those that come into the shop might be aware of just how little lines I knew by Saturday, but some rather intense line reading solved that) and our little play won 4 awards! Including Best Actress for yours truly, which was quite a shock.



And then the heavens opened and we traipsed back to Halstead for our choir gig. We put up the gazebos (which were hastily borrowed) in the rain and crossed our fingers for a break in the wetness. Luckily it all cleared up before we were due to go on.

Halstead Community Choir...

And they were fab. Mr Sconch and I were so immensely proud of how far the choir have come since January when we started!

But it turns out all that adrenaline was quite exhausting and I spent the next week in a bit of a tired slump. By Friday we also had a poorly dog and a poorly Sconchlet to contend with, meaning sleep left the Sconch household totally.

Saturday however, was a little bit super. It was World Knit in Public Day which normally we hold a big knees up for. In a similar vein to Yarn Shop Day, we have crowds, we have offers, workshops, fizz... but I decided to not hold a day for it this year as Angela couldn't work (these staff that swan off to the Good Food Show...), and I quite frankly didn't have the energy.

Saturday morning came and I was really looking forward to Craft'n'Cake as I was starting to feel a little bit sad that I hadn't organised a big party...

10:15 came and Bev turned up early with coffee (I'd ran out!), then Gillian arrived at half past. And that was it. Just the three of us sitting there looking a bit like loners. Which was lovely, and actually very peaceful, but I couldn't help but feel a little sad at the fact my normally packed group was empty.

But then it was like the yarny gods shone their beaming faces down on my little shop and an odd thing started to happen. At way past 11, people started to dribble in, and people were still arriving at 12. Bearing in mind Craft'n'Cake ends at 12:30, this was a little strange. And we sat, and knitted and crocheted and drank tea and ate cake. And we laughed. Oh we laughed so much. Big belly laughs that cure the soul. And we carried on laughing and knitting (well, except Miss Kathryn who I'm not sure picked up a hook or needle the whole time) until long past 3. And it was perfect.

And then I got changed and went for a training run and just kept going until I'd run 4km which is far further than I've been managing recently.

And I went home happy. And relaxed. (Albeit exhausted after the run). But happy. Because crafting with friends does that. And that's what it was. Because my ladies (and men!) Aren't just customers. They're friends.


So although we didn't knit in public in quite the big way we normally do, we all had a really rather lovely day. And that is all that matters really :)


So expect me to be back hounding you on social media as normal in a day or so!


Sam x