I'm currently sitting in the queue for the Sea Train (as the Sconchlet likes to call it). We've had a little break at Mr Sconch's family cottage with my parents. Terrible timing really, what with us moving in 2 weeks, but we all needed the break to try and rejuvenate ourselves before what will be a crazy month.  

It didn't work, the resting bit I mean. I'm exhausted. I've had a lovely time, really lovely, and we did a lot of really fun things. It was also great for the Sconchlet, she's had the best week ever. But I'm tired. Obviously I worked a bit as usual, but I'm mainly tired from the 2 days at Disney. Not that I'm complaining. We were hugely lucky to get taken to Mickey's playground, but I'm not so good with big days. We hired the wheelchair, as I'd never last a day, let alone 2, with all that walking. Which the Sconchlet loved, as by the end of the first day she used me as a personal napping spot:


Wheelchair Chauffeur...

But as I sit here on the train (we've moved and have now snuck on an early train) I'm feeling a little fretful. I've felt like it all day really. I'm not good with last day of holidays. They always feel a bit odd. You're not home but you know you are leaving so you're not quite on holiday either? And I'm acutely aware of how much work I've got to do when I get back.

And how much money I've still got to raise. With online crowdfunding plus donations in the shop, we are at about  £1000. Which is a quarter of the way there. Which is amazing, but I'm not really sure how to get the last three quarters raised.

It would be remiss of me to not give you the link at this point, even if does seem a little like begging*. So here it is: www.sconch.com/move

And then there's the new shop. I've got to get it all ready. Plus roughly halve the amount of stuff in my office if I'm to fit it all in the new shop as I only get a desk and that's it...



But this is normal, right? Pre moving nerves?

I've got 2 weeks before we shut (24th August is our last day at the current shop - online orders will continue to be sent out) and then we reopen on 1st September. Which isn't very long. Eeeeek.

So if I disappear off social media, it's probably not because I'm really busy, it's probably because I'm buried under boxes and can't get out. Or I've decided to hide somewhere in the hope Angela and Lorraine will just do the move by themselves. So send a search party, preferably with chocolate. And maybe prosecco.

Actually, definitely prosecco.


*who am I kidding? I am begging! Pleeeeeeease give me money!

Sam x