This is a blog post inspired by Craftie Rie and Meet me at Mikes who have been participating in this 'Taking stock' blog entry.

I am a bit rubbish at posting, so I thought this would be a great way to get some thoughts down and begin blogging again...

Making: samples up for the new colourways for the crocheted blanket kit that we sell... not going to lie, bit sick of this pattern, what with this being about my 2 millionth square I have made. Still marvelling at how pretty it looks though, the new colours make it look like a completely new design! (If I do say so myself haha!)

Cooking: not a lot really...been a crazy few months, and have sort of being living off junk...

Drinking: wine. And champers. We got a lot for our party (mine and Mr Sconch's joint 30th)

Reading: The Little Village School by Gervais Phinn, Anna Karenina by Fyodor Dostoyevsky plus many crochet magazines...

Wanting: a *bit* more sleep

Looking: a bit different to last week, as I have changed my hair (again) and it is something I seem to need to forewarn people of, as nearly everybody has been visibly startled by the change. Good sign or no?

Playing: catch up. Continuously.

Deciding: on what to bring to the big local market this Sunday. And what to wear. As apparently it is Victorian themed... a fact I did not know when signing up...

Wishing: I had worn more clothes today as I am a bit chilly.

Enjoying: watching the Sconchlet get excited about the Christmas lights in the shop. Not sure she quite gets why there are sparkles everywhere, but it is adorable watching her shout 'baumbaum' (her word for pompom - you can tell she has been raised in a yarn shop when that is one of her only words, right?!) everytime she walks past the tree and sees the baubles! Anything round and dangly is a pompom to her!

Waiting: for my sales rep to arrive, as I am pretty sure he was meant to be here over an hour ago. Still, means I am getting this written, right?

Liking: most of the songs in the chart at the moment. A lot. Much dancing can be seen in the shop office if you peer through the door. Mostly inappropriate dancing, but sometimes a girl just has to shake her thang, you know?! It is a great stress buster, you should try it.

Wondering: if the office at the shop will ever stay tidy for longer than an hour. A Sconchlet and a busy me is not a great combinations for tidy...

Loving: our new website that went live yesterday at 3am...but...

Pondering: whether you all like it?! It has been a year in the making, so slightly terrified. Feedback gratefully received.

Considering: what to write for my next article due for our local magazine - I write the craft column each month, and I'm a bit stumped this month (I did Christmas crafts last month - this one is Dec/Jan)

Watching: Gilmore Girls on Netflix every night. Love those ladies!

Hoping: that the Sconchlet feels a bit better after her nap. It is so hard saying goodbye to your baby girl in the morning when she is feeling poorly. It will be harder for her tomorrow though as she will be at the shop with me (like she so often is), and being a poorly bubba at work with mammy is tough. Not sure whether it is more tough for her or me though?

Marvelling: at how much I have learned in Photoshop and Lightroom, yet somehow how little I know...Needing: chocolate.

Smelling: a mixture of the toffee latte sat next to me on the desk and my perfume. Interesting combination!

Wearing: winter boots that apparently leak. I now have wet socks. New winter boots needed I think...

Following: the trail of destruction that is the Sconchlet, round the shop almost every day. Those tubes of buttons are just *too* much fun...

Noticing: that wishing appears twice in this list. On purpose do you think?

Knowing:that sometimes there isn't a right answer, so you just have to go with it.

Thinking: about the amazing friends I have made thanks to Sconch...

Admiring: so many yarny makes by all my lovely customers. I get sent photos every day, and lots of you bring your creations in to the shop to show me. One of the only downsides of running a yarn shop is the lack of time to actually make anything myself.

Sorting: through patterns to be loaded on the the new shiny (did I mention it is new and shiny and has just relaunched?) website.

Buying:not enough Christmas presents. Never going to be ready. Maybe I could just get next year's presents instead?!Getting: excited about a family trip to London to do lots of Christmassy things in a couple of weeks. Planning on actually taking at *least* half a day off haha!

Bookmarking: too many patterns on Ravelry. It is starting to get silly. Can you have too many projects in your library?

Disliking: the big cut on the end of my finger where I sliced it open cutting garlic (ok, so maybe that means I cook more than I thought...)

Opening: a chocolate bar. Ssssssssshhhhhhh.

Giggling: with happiness when I remember that one of my customers brought me chocolate yesterday after seeing a Facebook post asking for people to send chocolate supplies as my admin list was rather long...

Feeling: slightly nauseous after my McDonalds breakfast...(obviously not because of the chocolate.)

Snacking: on Crispbread from Lidl. Seriously addictive. Like tasty Ryveta, and probably horrifically bad for me if the taste is anything to go by.

Coveting: so many pretty things on my Pinterest boards. Worried that during a late night of working I might be consumed with a combination of sleep deprivation and lust for pretty items and suddenly buy them all, leaving us bankrupt and homeless. But homeless with pretty satchels and boots and dresses and storage baskets. So it wouldn't be all bad, right?

Wishing: I could spend more time with the Sconchlet, but knowing that building this business is going to be worth it in the long run, as I am building it for her.

Helping: lots of ladies create their Christmas gifts, by teaching them new skills and helping them with colour choices. I have the BEST job.

Hearing: the shop door go, so off to serve a customer...


Sam x

PS I would love to see if you have a go!