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Patterns for... - Guild of Master Craftsman (GMC)

  1. Easy Teddies to Knit

    Easy Teddies to Knit


    Knitting toys is an addictive hobby and you are sure to be charmed by the gorgeous collection of handmade bears in Ready, Teddy, Knit!

    Learn More
  2. Easy Booties to Knit

    Easy Booties to Knit


    Rock-A-Bye Bootees is a delightful book with detailed instructions on how to create stunning bootees to keep the most teeny tiny toes warm.

    Learn More
  3. Tea Cozies Booklet

    Tea Cozies Booklet


    Every project is accompanied by clear instructions describing how to achieve perfect results, while the techniques section explains all the basic skills needed, making them suitable for experienced knitters and novices alike.

    Learn More
  4. Easy Toys to Knit

    Easy Toys to Knit


    Adorable, soft and colourful – and just the right size for little hands – knitted toys are the ideal gift for children of all ages.

    Learn More
  5. Easy Toys to Crochet

    Easy Toys to Crochet


    Easy Toys to Crochet boasts an enchanting collection of lovable crochet toys that are sure to wrangle smiles from people of all ages.

    Learn More
  6. I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting Socks (Front Cover)

    I Can't Believe I'm Crocheting Socks


    Karen Ratto-Whooley carefully developed these 9 patterns and easy to follow step-by-step instructions so that you can easily produce comfortable, colourful socks in the sizes that fit you and your loved ones best.

    Learn More
  7. How to Knit

    How to Knit


    This is the ultimate guide for the absolute beginner. For those with little or no knitting experience, this simple-to-learn, project-based book will start with the basics and take you through the initial stages of this fun and creative craft.

    Learn More
  8. Tea Cozies

    Tea Cozies


    Every dedicated tea-lover should have a tea cozy – or a few to choose from… An essential accessory for your favourite teapot and the ultimate in homely comfort, tea cozies are a feel-good and fun way to enjoy every warming cup.

    Learn More
  9. Amigurumi



    The craze for crocheting cute characters has swept Japan and now everyone can discover the appeal of the latest art form. Amigurumi – which literally means crocheted stuffed toy – is fast, fabulous and fantastic fun.

    Learn More
  10. How to Knit

    Mini Amigurumi


    The Japanese craze for Amigurumi (crocheted stuffed toys) is explored in miniature in this fun new title in the Cozy series.

    Learn More
  11. The Joy of Sox

    The Joy of Sox


    Obsessed with sock knitting? Heighten your passion with more than 30 beyond-the-basic patterns that will keep the spark burning brightly. From fantastic cable and lace patterns to killer colorwork, 'The Joy of Sox' offers the very best in challenging constructions and techniques. There are also fun stories and helpful tips straight from the designers. Laura Bryant and Shannon Oakley explain how to make the most of hand-painted yarn, Crazy Aunt Purl describes her first time knitting socks, and much more.

    Learn More
  12. Amigurumi



    This hot new trend sees crafters crocheting cute Japanese-inspired dolls and funky creatures.

    Learn More
  13. I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Socks

    I Can't Believe I'm Knitting Socks


    Cozy, comfy, colorful socks - with this book knitting them by the dozens is incredibly easy! Make them cables or plain, striped or solid, ribbed, lacy, or laddered.

    Learn More
  14. Animal Hats

    Animal Hats


    Express your inner animal instincts with these fun and fabulous hats. Adults and children alike will love this collection of absolutely adorable hats, including a cheeky monkey, a roaring lion and an energetic frog.

    Learn More
  15. Knitted Woodland Creatures

    Knitted Woodland Creatures


    This gorgeous collection of adorable animals to knit will enchant children and adults alike. Inside this fun, colourful book there are 15 backwoods beasties to choose from, each with its own distinct personality.

    Learn More
  16. Crocheted Wild Animals

    Crocheted Wild Animals


    This gorgeous collection of wild animals to crochet will enchant children and adults alike. Inside this fun, colourful book there are 14 feral friends from all over the world to choose from, each with a very distinct personality.

    Learn More
  17. Knitted Wild Animals

    Knitted Wild Animals


    Inside this fun, colourful book there are 15 wild creatures to choose from, each with a very distinct personality, including: Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra, Lion, Giant Panda, Monkey, Koala, Penguin and many more.

    Learn More
  18. Knit-a-bear



    Create your very own teddy bears’ picnic with 15 fun and varied teddy bears to knit, each wearing knitted clothing and accessories. A pretty princess polar bear, a cool panda in surfer shorts, a grizzly in a granddad waistcoat are just some of the themes you’ll find.

    Learn More
  19. Granny Squares

    Granny Squares


    Discover the world of granny squares with this imaginative new book. These small, crocheted squares can be made in a huge variety of patterns and colourways that become the building blocks for an array of different projects.

    Learn More
  20. Crocheted Animal Hats

    Crocheted Animal Hats


    Spread a little animal magic with these adorable animal hats. Adults and children alike will love this collection of eye-catching hats, including a graceful giraffe, a fabulous frog, a super sheep and a terrific tiger.

    Learn More
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