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The Not So Abracadabra Magic Circle...

One of the things I get asked to explain the most in the shop is the elusive magic circle. The title of this blog post is because it really is not that magic... once you get it, you realise how amazingly simple is. In fact, the hardest thing about it is holding the yarn straight at the very beginning - but a bit of a fiddly stitch never stopped any of us, did it?

So I thought I would do a quick tutorial for you... if you have any questions, or would like me to clarify anything further, let me know! And remember, this is your blog, so if there is something you want me to write about or show you how to do, leave me a comment!


 Please note - I've used UK terminology for this tutorial...


First, take your yarn and lay it over your hand.  This is the bit that tends to throw people!

Lay the yarn on hand


 Wrap the working yarn behind...



And back over to make a cross on your finger.

Wrap yarn over


Insert your hook underneath the loop you have made.  You will be grabbing the working yarn...

Place hook underneath


Use your hook to pull the working yarn through the loop...

Pull yarn through


Then chain 1 to anchor it in place.  This does not count as your first stitch!

Chain 1


At this point, I pull it off my finger, as I think it is easier to continue this way...

Remove from hand


You want to make sure you have a good hold of the loop and the tail end with your free hand, so that it doesn't move about. Then whilst holding on, double crochet in to the centre of the ring (as you would do normally)...

Hold and insert hook


Continue to double crochet in to the ring for how ever many stitches are required.  Remember, the first chain you did, does not count as one of your stitches.

Double crochet into the centre


Whilst holding on to your stitches, take hold of the tail end.

Take hold of end


Pull gently until the hole you have been crocheting in to starts to close...



Pull it nice and tight, and the hole should be gone.

Until no hole


Then slip stitch to the top of the first double crochet to close the ring.  Done!

Slip stitch to close

The important thing to remember is to work in your tail end really securely.  Otherwise, your magic ring will come undone, as there will be nothing holding it closed...


I hope this helps, let me know if anything is unclear!


Sam x

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