There was really only one thing I could blog about this week... and that is Dr Who!

Yes, that is right, Dr Who. A few weeks ago, we started selling a Dr Who Scarf Pack, made up of 7 balls of Stylecraft Special DK.


Dr Who Colour Pack


I decided to offer this as a value pack as so many people were wanting to make the legendary scarf from the series. I ummed and aahed about which colours to use for it, as Dr Who aficionados will know, the scarves differed from season to season. Eventually I decided on a combination based on this rather wonderful pattern by Witty Little Knitter, who has scoured the world for Dr Who Scarf patterns as well as creating her own. She has then compiled them, along with lots of information on the scarf, on her website. She is a true Dr Who Scarf fan! You can visit her website here:


The specific pattern I used is here:


Dr Who scarf pattern


Well, suffice to say you all went a little mad when it went on sale! It has been flying out of the door, and I have really enjoyed receiving pictures of your creations!

First to finish in an amazingly quick time was Bianca:



Then another scarf was finished by Liz (being modelled by her adorable daughter - apparently it is wrapped around 4 times and is very cosy!):



Liz had some yarn left over so made a coordinating cushion!



And Nichola is half way through hers (it is huge!):



And then I received a rather wonderful email from a lovely customer who had been so excited by her pack, she had written her own pattern! It has gone up on Ravelry and is proving very popular! I was so chuffed, as she had very kindly linked through to my pack, which has obviously helped sales just a little bit ;) Oona made the scarf for her son, who is a HUGE Dr Who fan.

We had received a teaser of the scarf when she posted a picture of herself busily making it on the Facebook page:



So I was very excited to see the finished item! It measures 10' 8" - which I am sure you will agree is quite something! Here are some rather brilliant pictures to show it off:



But my favourite, is DEFINITELY the picture of her son wearing it!



You can find Oona's pattern here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/oonas-crocheted-doctor-who-scarf

It is a free Ravelry download, so get on over there now!And don't forget, you can get your Dr Who Pack here: https://www.sconch.com/stylecraft-special-dk-dr-who-scarf-pack

Send me your pictures when you've made a scarf!

Sam x