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  • Sirdar Yarn Henna (800) Sirdar Stories DK 5024723378005
    Sirdar Yarn Sirdar Stories DK
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    Original Price £2.95
    Current Price £2.21

    Sirdar Stories DK

    Stories DK from Sirdar is an exciting cotton/acrylic yarn, which is both beautifully soft and full of vibrant colours, so is perfect for any garmen...

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  • Hayfield Yarn Fern (256) Hayfield Soft Twist 5024723212569
    Hayfield Yarn Hayfield Soft Twist
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    Original Price £3.50
    Current Price £2.63

    Hayfield Soft Twist

    A fine-spun acrylic yarn blended with cosy merino wool. The name refers to the twist-on-twist technique which combines strength with softness. With...

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