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Sophie's Universe Blanket CAL by Dedri Uys

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Woolly Woofers book by Debbie Bliss

So a couple of weeks ago, one of my a regular c'n'c ladies, Kas, was making a tube. Literally, a tube. Of course being the nosey cow that I am, I wanted to know why. Turns out it is a traditional Japanese item (with a twist, it wouldn't normally be made in merino or knitted, but would be fabric) worn around the tummy, known as a Haramaki. She was making it for her father, as it is traditionally worn by men mainly, but can be worn by women....


Kas knitting...

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Midnight Mandala

20/07/2018 09:00

Pretty Mandala


The world has gone a bit Mandala mad, and we've been inundated with requests for mandala like a dedicated dealer yarn shop owner, I have gone out into the wild and hunted some down. Which then of course meant I started playing around with ideas for a mandala display in the shop, because who doesn't need a whole window of mandalas?

So this then led onto (of course it did, I mean, it's not like I have a newborn baby to look after alongside a 5 year old and also 2 businesses to run...) writing my own mandala pattern... and here it is in all its glory. I've even done photos for you, cos I is nice like that.

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Showered with Love...

11/03/2018 11:13

Baby baby...


Being pregnant and running your own business has many pros and cons. For example, today is Mothers' Day. I am waddling slowly everywhere, I am in pain, my ankles are already starting to swell, and I'd quite like to be at home. But I am here in the shop, writing a blog in between serving customers, missing the Sconchlet who is at home. But that is the way it is. A sacrifice that is made so that on the flip side, I am relatively in charge of my own working life.

But being pregnant is especially full of pros and cons in a business where you are so in the public's view the whole time. Being pregnant in any situation is an odd one in terms of your own body and other people's reactions. For some reason, you immediately become public property. People touch your bump, when normally it wouldn't be socially acceptable to go up to a random stranger and start caressing their body. People comment on your weight, quite casually. People open up to you about their horror stories of their own birth experiences.

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Time Flies...

23/01/2018 11:08

This morning as I was groggily checking my phone for all the overnight emails and messages that bombard my little electronic life organiser, I was alerted by Facebook to an event that happened a year ago. Apparently, a year ago today, we opened our doors to our new shop at Blake House Craft Centre. The new-new shop that is, not the new shop. The new shop had opened the September before, this was the new-new shop a few doors up that we overhauled only months after overhauling the new shop...

...anyway, where was I? Ah yes, we opened our doors to the new shop! I can't quite believe a whole year has passed. Not least because everyday we get people coming into the shop exclaiming with delight that a new yarn shop has opened at Blake House. People who visit Blake House regularly. So sometimes I do feel that maybe we only opened a few months ago and I'm going crazy. But Facebook told me so, so it must be true...


The Sconch Team...

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A new WIP...

05/11/2017 12:00

I've got WIPs coming out of my ears at the moment. I know this, because another yarn shop on Facebook (whose name completely escapes me at the moment), posted asking how many WIPs we have on the go. Oooh thought I, I'll answer this.

So off I go, counting them up in my head, feeling a rising sense of shame as the number gets higher and higher.  The more I thought about it, the more half forgotten projects started surfacing in my mind. Abandoned creations that haven't seen the light of day in years. Like the really pretty striped wristwarmers that I loved until I realised I'd made them too small. Rather than fix them, I abandoned them like a cruel crochet mistress...


Abandoned Wristwamers...

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Blue Hair, Don't Care...

12/05/2017 10:33

It's Mental Health Awareness week. In no way do I consider myself to have any kind of mental health issue. I've never been to the doctor about anything other than physical issues (of which I have many ha!). So clearly I don't have anything wrong.

Apart from the anxiety that is. The crippling anxiety that leaves me unable to move, or breathe, or complete sentences. I started a blog post about 2 years ago, after a customer (not in a mean way at all) laughed when I mentioned I suffer from anxiety. Because she thought I was joking, or being melodramatic. I am not sure which. I'm known for both, so I am not surprised. But I felt that it was something that needed to be addressed. I have a couple of friends who suffer from anxiety. Some that are on medication, some not. And most people don't know. It isn't something we talk about.

I didn't post this particular blog post at the time because I wasn't sure it was the thing to post. People want to read about squishy yarny things, not about my issues with breathing when in a supermarket...

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